What sporting events in 2016 were the most unlikely to happen?

2016 was a crazy year for sport, there were huge amounts of upsets at the bookies and the underdogs became the top dogs in a number of different sports. In 2016, there had been so many shocks in a number of respected sports that they must be getting this guidance from somewhere, whether it be passion or belief, last year’s sporting upsets have truly been extraordinary. Since I can remember, it has been the norm for that sporadic sporting upset to happen now and again, the David beating the Goliath so to speak, but the trend has been a continuous effect this year, which is why I felt the need to single out 3 of the sporting events most unlikely to happen in 2016:

Leicester winning the Premier League

Now I can honestly say that towards the latter part of the 2015/2016 Barclays premier league season, with Leicester still soaring high at the top of the table, looking almost certain to win the league, I was still in denial that they could defy all the odds and go and win the title. Still, Leicester proved everyone wrong and with a club costing less than certain individual players in the league, they managed to lift the trophy and shock the entire world. They showed that you don’t need a ton of money to win a league that’s so dominated by ever growing transfer fees, yet, experts and pundits believed that it was their raw team spirit and belief, whilst not discounting Claduio Ranieri’s tactics and counter attacking football that won them their first ever title.

Michael Bisping’s 2 week preparation

Now in the lead up to UFC 199, the original main-event was between Luke Rockhold (Champion) and Chris Weidman. A very anticipating grudge match was on the cards; however it ended prematurely due to an unfortunate injury to Weidman- 2 weeks before the event took place. Regardless of this injury a fight still needed to happen, so the UFC went straight to work in finding a new opponent for Rockhold. A number of names popped up that would fit the bill, yet it was Britain’s own Michael Bisping whom seems most creditable to be the number one contender for this fight. With just two weeks’ notice he ceased on the opportunity and begun his preparation. Due to the lack of time and Bisping’s history, Rockhold was a heavy favourite for this fight.

There’s also never been a English champion so the odds were firmly stacked again the Englishman. Nonetheless, as the main event commenced, it only took the 1st round to knock Rockhold to the ground allowing Bisping to capitalise on his progression and become the first ever British champion.

A fairy tale comeback

The first two games in the final went Golden State Warriors way; they were too talented, to versatile and too deep for the Cleveland Cavaliers. As the series went on, it just seemed too big for Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, whilst Lebron looking like he had no answer for the Warriors excellence. So when it got to game 5, most fans believed that the Cav’s had too much to do in securing an upset and coming back from a 3-1 deficit have never happened in NBA history, so you can see why the odds were firmly stacked against them. But that wasn’t the case. Game 5 to 7 represented the greatest comeback in NBA history and the Cav’s managed to claw their way back and win the series 4-3 defeating a solid team who never looked like losing and Lebron responded to all the disrespect and condescension that the Warriors threw his way, providing a variety of outstanding performances bringing his team from the depths of despair to the heights of championship glory.

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