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How to Obtain a Scuba Diving Certificate For you to get the scuba diving certificate the first step is to register for the course with a scuba diving training agency that is certified to train the divers. The Certified training agencies are in charge of regulating and representing the diving professionals and the operators with the certificates and at the same time promoting the sport and also protect the marine environment. After the student has finished the course they are awarded a certificate that certifies the student as qualified scuba diver. After the diver is certified he will be given the license to go and practice diving and also get the diving equipment. Find a certified school that is within your locality where you can do your diving course. Train with the best-recognized agencies like the NAUI and the PADI which are recognized worldwide because different agencies teach the diving courses although the approach might vary from one agency to the other; the training is the same. The the theory part is where you are introduced to the first steps of diving. During the theory lessons you will be taught the safety precautions and techniques and the basic concepts of scuba diving. You learn with video materials which will introduce you to scuba diving and be briefed on the safety practices. You are also taught on how to take care of your diving equipment, how to use the dive table so that you can plan a dive and also how you assemble and maintain the equipment.
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From the theory lessons you are trained with the confined water. This is where you get your very first lessons on how to breathe under the water. The diver is taught the surfacing skills, resilience while in the water. There many skills to be practiced and taught and therefore the agency will organize for several sessions for you to get better practice. After the theory lessons and the confined water training the scuba diver will sit for an exam that will allow you to progress to the next step which is practicing in the open water, the open water training. The final training is the open water training where you will get to test and apply the skilled taught in the theory and the confined water training. You will practice your skills with the help of your instructor until you gain the confidence and be able to perform with ease and without the instructors help in a real diving situation. The scuba diva will be exposed to the real local conditions and environment that you will be diving in after the course have been completed. One of the advantages of scuba diving is that the trainee will start to enjoy the underwater scenery. After that, the qualified scuba diver is now free to go and enjoy diving as a qualified diver.Discovering The Truth About Diving