Protein Diets

Natural protein powder is the best type of protein to take because it is null and void of fat and carbohydrates, and more importantly, sugar. To get an idea of how much protein that you need, you can get a rough estimate by first converting your body weight to kilograms. Egg and Soy protein powders are a fantastic option for anyone who’s a vegetarian or who is lactose intolerant – if either of those are a concern for you it’s definitely something you’ll want to consider. Protein shots – This is a great way to get a whole lot of protein in one small drink. The whey protein in general is good stuff and has the desired effect- building some good muscle with the help of MyProtein, it does mix well and my husband has also switched over as he prefers MyProtein to his previous brand. When protein is consumed in higher amounts than the body needs it will store this extra protein.

Many nuts and seeds contain protein; nuts and seeds are also a good source of many vitamins and minerals needed by our bodies. Although most foods contain protein some foods are richer in some of the essential amino acids than others. Protein, because it is so important to the body, must be consumed in the right amounts, but the right types of protein may also be a beneficial consideration as well. A full list of recommendations for dietary protein is available from the Australian Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) website.protein

I had been studying about what protein powders were the best, in terms of total nutritional content – which also led me to learning that it can be hard to digest and absorb whey protein. Good alternatives to protein supplements include homemade fruit smoothies, liquid meal supplements such as PowerBar Protein Plus powder and 20 g skim milk powder added to regular milk. I say this because of the number of active bacteria cultures that Kefir has compared to Greek yogurt, but do note that Greek yogurt is a great source of protein at over 20 grams per cup. For a person weighing 154 pounds, this formula would mean 70 – 105 grams of daily protein.

Barley is also a high-protein grain that should be a part of your renal care diet, and when added to homemade chicken soup, the amount of protein that you get is often as much as doubled. Another type of whey protein supplement is Whey Protein Hydrolysates, meaning the whey is predigested into peptides (small chains of amino acids).

If we look at what vegans are eating, we find that, typically, between 10-12{7acbb926dc50556e2698fabf0473bedd438fcbd5325879d87d257535e5c1500e} of calories come from protein 3 This contrasts with the protein intake of non-vegetarians, which is close to 14-18{7acbb926dc50556e2698fabf0473bedd438fcbd5325879d87d257535e5c1500e} of calories. Milk the benefits of this tasty, plant-based protein powder by slipping it into one of your quick weight loss smoothies or protein shakes.proteinprotein