Milk For the Elderly

Some dairy products circulating in the world on average already use kosher calcium, both derived from the stones and bones of halal animals. However, some imported milk is not known for its halal. A healthy and strong body until old age is everyone’s dream. But naturally the bones will get older and fragile that causes the body is not as strong as young. One that causes porous bone is the decline in calcium content due to the aging process. Calcium is one of the mineral constituents of the body that is needed for bone and teeth. The need of this substance is obtained from the input of food eaten daily. Some foods that contain high calcium include meat, fish and milk. The problem is that the food in addition to rich in calcium also contains high protein and fat, two nutrients that actually began to be reduced in old age. At a young age, protein and fat are needed for the formation of body and energy sources. However, in advanced age these two substances will cause the formation of urea, uric acid and cholesterol if consumed too much. In excessive amounts of these substances can cause interference, such as the emergence of gout disease, narrowing of blood vessels to heart disease and stroke.


Therefore the consumption of fish, meat and milk is indeed necessary to be controlled in number at the age of twilight. The problem is, this reduction causes a decrease in calcium intake in the body. One way to overcome the problem is to use a special formulation milk for old age. The composition of the milk is regulated by lowering the fat content (low fat), as well as increasing the composition of calcium through fortification or the addition of calcium from the outside. Decrease in the amount of fat milk this can be done by using skim milk that has been separated from the cream. This cream is used in a variety of products, such as for the manufacture of butter and other milk fat products. If you want to buy a fresh milk you can order in cold pressed juice jakarta


Calcium sources are often used for this type of milk there are several kinds. First is calcium from milk separated by calcium extraction. This calcium has a good quality, including the type of organic calcium and easily absorbed by the body. But unfortunately the material is very expensive because it is difficult to get. Even if there is very low soak.