A variety of fitness and sports nutrition topics and resources from organizations and institutes that specialize in sports medicine and exercise science research. To do this we embed our fully qualified practitioners in the sports we support so they can be in the training environment, build effective relationships and ultimately influence the food choices of an athlete. Through my years of playing in different countries and building experience, I have learned a lot towards the key factors in Sport Nutrition. This can range from a daily food diary, to a comprehensive food and nutrition plan for training and competitions. Sports Nutrition has you covered, and we offer the kinds of quality products, affordable prices and expert information to make anyone’s fitness goals a reality.

Apply now for a place on the 2017 IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition programme and enhance your career with a well recognised diploma. Promote sound sports nutrition practices and the services of sports RDs (Registered Dietitians). This course hosted by sports medicine specialist Dr. Mick Koester, can help your students be performing at their peak. Topics for each sport will include ¿ nutrients to support competition performance and training adaptation; supplements and ergogenic aids to enhance performance; and nutrition for optimal recovery. A nutrition professional will also be able to analyse and support you with your long and short-term goals.

For sport nutrition knowledge, you will have two courses in sport nutrition, one being an advanced clinical sport nutrition research and clinical course worth 5 credits where you will also get practical experience outside of UCCS in sport. The Sports Nutrition Certification textbook (359 pages) contains two powerful reference tools. Ensure the EIS is the most effective place to be a performance nutritionist and be Greater than the Sum of our Parts.sports nutrition

Being involved in the Health & Fitness industry and being a professional sport man or woman is probably one of the most competitive industry’s to be in. Having started my professional rugby career from the age of 18, sport nutrition has been one of the most important factors to keep me ahead of the pack.sports nutrition

The second tool is an incredibly comprehensive section on supplementation which explains why nutrition supplements are vital to health and well-being and how they can diminish pain, fatigue, lack of endurance, mood swings, and cravings for sugar or fat.sports nutrition