Five Career Skills You Can Learn From Rugby

Rugby is more than just a great game; it can also help you develop skills for your career. From teamwork to resilience, here are five career skills that can be learned on the rugby pitch.

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A team sport like rugby is all about working together to create a better whole. You need to rely on your teammates to really succeed when playing a game of rugby, and this is just like a work situation. Some heads of business worry that youngsters lack soft skills such as team work and communication, so learning these skills on the sports field is a great way to get ahead of the game.


Similar to team work, strong communication is vital in a job to create a successful team. You have to communicate your intentions to your teammates on the rugby pitch so they know where to find you for a great pass, for example. This is just like in the working world, where we need to talk to our workmates on a project and collaborate.

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Change Management

In a rugby match, the style of play can change in an instant, and players need to be ready for that. Being able to adjust your approach to deal with different situations and circumstances is a crucial part of playing a good game of rugby just as it is in performing well at work. In rugby training, using a rugby drill video such as those available at can help you prepare for change and have the skills honed to deal with new issues on the pitch, such as set pieces, tackles and kicks.


Work and life have their set-backs, just like a rugby match, and being able to cope with disappointments is a great skill to develop. You cannot throw in the towel when the going gets tough. If you are losing a rugby match or failing in a work project, it is time to dig in deeper and bounce back with resilience.


Respect for your teammates and your opponent is at the heart of sport. Try to play outside of your comfort zone and come up against better players on the pitch and at work. Show respect for others and yourself, and you will improve in every area of life.