Curing An Addiction Begins At The Holistic Sanctuary

A traditional drug rehabilitation center doesn’t work the same as a holistic approach for curing a drug addiction. The holistic approach to curing the craving and addiction is to heal and repair the brain. Setting the brain back to the state it was in before the addiction began is the goal of a holistic approach. The holistic approach has a 90{7acbb926dc50556e2698fabf0473bedd438fcbd5325879d87d257535e5c1500e} success rate and there’s no group meetings to make an individual feel uncomfortable or lose interest a curing their addiction of OxyContin, Cocaine, alcohol, Suboxone and many others. A traditional rehab program focuses on an individual’s behavior, but it won’t eliminate the drugs or alcohol from the muscle and tissue like the holistic approach will.

Removing the chemicals from the body that cause addictions are the key to curing the problem. The cells in the body can accumulate the toxins which can be released after an individual leaves rehab. Once into the bloodstream, the craving for the toxins begin again. The Pouyan Method uses natural elements such as Ibogaine and Ayahuasca, which are a very powerful medicine made of plants. Ibogaine is from the root of the Tabernanthe Iboga plant in Africa. It’s been used for hundreds of years for patients with depression or fatigue. Ayahuasca is another plant found in Africa.

Traveling to Africa to be treated with these plant medicines would be very difficult. Fortunately, the holistic sanctuary offers a medical team, luxury accommodations, and a seaside setting instead of a rehab that feels like a hospital. In a holistic rehab, there’s a medical spa to remove the residues of narcotics from the body safely. They can stop negative thought and rewire and reprogram an individual’s mind. A holistic rehab will uncover the true cause of the addiction and work to resolve it. Everything an individual eats is organic and natural and no toxic medications will be given.

If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, a holistic approach has a very high success rate. Rehabilitation will feel more like a vacation while curing the body, mind, and soul and eliminating the toxins.