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Bicycling 2017: The Folding Bike Solution If you like bicycles and you’re like any other New Yorker who is having trouble looking for a safe and dry place for storing your bike at home, then that may compromise your favorite hobby and total bicycling experience. Your tiny apartment declines to take in another inch, and the street seems to be a huge playground for your bicycle to a find new owner. Whenever you try to take your bicycle in your apartment building, the concierge stares at your bike as if it is a giant two-wheeled nuisance rat and refuses to let you enter onto the elevator. Your dream is to take your favorite bicycle on an adventure trip requiring transit but you just can’t because of rush hour problems or outright bans on bicycles on buses or trains. The best and practical solutions might be purchasing a folding bicycle. Folding bike is a bicycle specially designed to be folded into a compact form which facilitates storage and transport. Folding bikes can be carried anywhere, especially inside buildings, on public transportation, and can be kept in a car, living quarters, boat or plane. There are different folding mechanisms that offer a combination of folding ease, folding speed, weight, ride, price and durability. Folding bikes may be more expensive than non-folding bicycles because of their higher number of parts, more demanding structural requirements, complexities of their folding mechanisms, and they’re more appealing to the market. When it comes to purchasing a folding bicycle, consider the choice of model on top of cost considerations to achieve the practicality and ensure the best features such as a compact folded size, faster and quick easy fold. Unlike conventional bicycles, folding bikes come with a more and wider range complex adjustments for accommodating different riders, because folding bicycle frames are only made in one size. The different folding mechanisms available found in a folding bike include half-fold or mid-fold, vertical fold, triangle hinge, magnet folding and suspension system, break away and others. A half-fold or mid-fold bicycle follows the traditional frame pattern of a safety bike’s diamond frame, with a single or double hinges for them to be folded in half. For a folding bike with a vertical fold, this style has a single or double hinges along its main tube and chain , with the seat staying, allowing the bike to be folded vertically. A hinge in the folding bike’s frame allows the rear triangle and bicycle wheel to be folded downward and flipped forward underneath the main tube. If your are a bicycle lover and you want to know more about bikes and bicycling, feel free to check out our homepage and website.The Ultimate Guide to Bicycles

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