What sporting events in 2016 were the most unlikely to happen?

2016 was a crazy year for sport, there were huge amounts of upsets at the bookies and the underdogs became the top dogs in a number of different sports. In 2016, there had been so many shocks in a number of respected sports that they must be getting this guidance from somewhere, whether it be passion or belief, last year’s sporting upsets have truly been extraordinary. Since I can remember, it has been the norm for that sporadic sporting upset to happen now and again, the David beating the Goliath so to speak, but the trend has been a continuous effect this year, which is why I felt the need to single out 3 of the sporting events most unlikely to happen in 2016:

Leicester winning the Premier League

Now I can honestly say that towards the latter part of the 2015/2016 Barclays premier league season, with Leicester still soaring …